Image of samburu man looking at a vast landscape

Our Mission

Winda.guide was borne out of a frustration around traveling within Africa. Outside of the mainstream tourist destinations which tend to have fixed packages and are overcrowded there's little information on where else to explore, how to get there and where you can stay and what you can do. We are a team of Kenyans who love to travel and we've covered over 100 hundred countries between us across the world - the one observation with traveling in Africa is the over-reliance on agents or other people to give you recommendations on where to go. We have changed that travel experience. Now you can come to winda.guide. Explore the vast array of travel destinations, build your whole itinerary with us and book everything with us.

Our mission is simple: to uncover all that Africa has to offer and show it to the world.

Join us on this journey, let's discover Africa together.